Strategic Partners

How we do what we do

At TowerWing we are proud to work with strategic partners with strong specialty reputation to augment our skill set and create a force that offers world class solutions to your clients.

Strategic partnerships keep us doing what we do best.

Many years in business taught us that we cannot and should not do “anything and everything.”

Through our strong strategic partners and their complimentary talents, we are able to deliver the optimal range of tower streamliner solutions, whether for new or existing towers.

MMS Technology

MMS was founded in 1986 and is an abbreviation for Mechanics, Materials and Structures. As our name implies, MMS Technology is a partner to industry specializing in two fields :


– Consulting in the Mechanical and Structural Engineering field.

-Design, development and production of high technology mechanical components and products utilizing traditional metallic materials as well as advanced materials such as composites materials.

-The company’s principal aim and activities in these fields are:

1. Design and analysis.

2. Product development.

3. Production of prototypes.

4. Optimization of designs and machinery.

5. Manufacture of composite parts and systems.

6. Manufacture of metallic components and systems.

MMS currently has two facilities, the head office in Centurion, South Africa, and a satellite branch in Cape Town, South Africa. Our staff complement consist of several engineers, technicians, artisans, factory workers and administrative staff.

Desert Wolf


Desert Wolf is a world leader in innovation and technology. With more than two decades’ experience, Desert Wold strives to produce only the best mobile solutions.

It manufactures and supplies a wide range of commercial mobile surveillance solutions. Solutions include: luxury camping and off-road vehicles; search-and-rescue; logistical support; as well as disaster recovery and advanced technological laboratories. 

Desert Wolf’s focus is the delivery of solutions that are tailor-made to the client’s requirements. A key component in this process is Desert Wolf’s Consulting and Design Services.

Many projects start with a client’s excellent idea, but an idea needs work and analysis before it can be implemented. The company takes clients through a requirement analysis process to help them understand their exact needs. These needs get analysed and from there the design requirements drawn up which are used as input into the design process. Once the requirements have been finalised, the design process kicks off. 

Advanced 3D modelling and simulation software is used to do concept designs of the possible solutions. The use of these tools, combined with Desert Wolf’s extensive knowledge of manufacturing and commercial solutions available in the market, enable the company to propose the optimal solution design and manufacturing option to the client.

Sectional Poles

Sectional Poles were established in 1966, primarily manufacturing lighting structures.

When the design and manufacture for telecommunication masts became prevalent in the mid-80’s, we readily supplied the industry. We have certainly seen this industry change and expand over the past 50 years. The relationships we have built with our clients, contractors and the community, have been the biggest contributor to the success we have achieved in the past and continue to pursue to this day.

Our clients are familiar with the impeccable quality of our product and values the superior service they have come to expect from our employees.
We are extremely proud of the business relationships we have built in neighbouring countries.  We have supplied hundreds of lighting structures and telecommunication masts to more than 18 different countries and continue to build our brand presence in the international market.