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We at TowerWing™ assists telecommunication tower operators and mobile network operators to dramatically increase tower capacity, network stability and revenue while reducing wind load and structural stress on towers by providing an innovative solution to combat wind load, drag and turbulence.


The TowerWing further creates opportunity for higher revenue in additional advertising solutions.

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Here is what some of our notable stake holders have to say about their experience with us.

It really is a fascinating product with some potentially big ramifications for the industry.

GM Telecommunications Infrastructure Company, USA

A disruptive solution. Who came up with this brilliant idea?

Industry Analyst

We have not seen much in the Tower infrastructure space in a long time. You guys are introducing a paradigm shift.

Senior Member Leading Industry Association

Brilliant. A fusion of Aerospace and Structural Engineering.

Senior Investor Representative Major Commercial Bank

Game changer, Great invention.

Senior Manager European TowerCo

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