About Us


Who We Are

TowerWing is new company, backed by a team with more than 120  years of combined real-world innovation, engineering and design experience in  telecommunications, broadcast, aeronautical and defence applications.

The creative spark came mid-2020 when Hennie Kieser realised the problem of wind loading on tall towers could be solved by covering the tower with a streamlined profile, a concept he is very familiar with due to his extensive involvement with unmanned aerial systems. 

Hennie assembled a competent team, able to draw on their extensive experience of new product development, system engineering, product life cycle management, manufacturing and marketing to grow the idea.

Today TowerWing is a fully tested product, with a test installation installed at our head office in Pretoria in January 2021 and several installations in the pipeline, the first of which will be on a 50 meter monopole in the Boschkop area of Pretoria East, South Africa. Installation in central Africa and Europe will follow soon.