The purpose of the streamliner rib structure is to provide a rigid structure for the rotating fairing. Key design criteria are to provide a rigid structure that will support the streamliner surface, rotation system, control and monitoring system while not affecting the radio frequency (RF) signals transmitted and received by the equipment on the tower in any way.


The purpose of the rotation system is to facilitate the dynamic and free movement of the wing, thereby ensuring that no lateral forces are transferred to the main tower structure.  The rotation system uses heavy duty (industrial standard) bearings and a roller wheel system that allows smooth rotation of the wing with zero noise. The bearings and wheels are covered and positioned outside the area where tower maintenance personnel will access the tower. The rotation system requires almost no maintenance; annual inspections are recommended when other aspects of the tower are inspected.


The purpose of the streamliner surface or “skin” is to maintain the aerodynamic shape of the wing, while not having any negative effects on RF transmission of the equipment on the tower. The surface is manufactured from a combination of rigid moulded composite materials and UV-resistant advanced engineering plastic materials. It can be digitally printed to provide camouflage effects, provide aircraft warning stripes or branding as required by the specific application.  The skin allows light into the wing to allow maintenance work to be conducted inside the wing in ambient light.


The purpose of the wing control system is to ensure that the wing is always oriented at a 0° incidence angle to the approaching wind. Although this is automatically achieved primarily through the shape of the streamlined fairing, the control system will counter any side or perpendicular forces that may be exerted on the TowerWingTM installation. The control system consists of two composite control surfaces that are mechanically activated by forces exerted on the wing.


The purpose of the monitoring system is to monitor key aspects of the streamlinercvperformance. All TowerWingTM solutions are equipped with a small solar power system and a number of sensors. The sensors can include weather parameters, cameras, air quality sensors and more as required by the specific application. All systems include a TowerWingTM Monitor, measuring the direction of the wind and the streamliner, with the ability to report any deviation between the two. This will alert the tower owner/operator in the unlikely event that a physical interference, like a fallen antenna, is hampering the free rotation of the TowerWingTM in the wind. .