South African Firm Develops Aerodynamic Tower Shroud

The impact of wind load on communication towers and other telecommunication structures has long been a serious problem for companies that own various types of communication towers, exposed to winds, as it directly affects the reliability of the telecommunication network, antenna performance and the safety of the tower.

A South African company, TowerWing, has developed an aerodynamic wind load reduction solution for telecommunication towers. According to the company, it is scalable and modular and can be easily adapted to specific tower configurations and needs. It has no influence on RF signals transmitted by antennas.

“TowerWing almost completely eliminates the effects of wind load, making it the ideal solution for overstressed telecommunication towers that currently exceed the allowable safe antenna capacity,” said Danie du Toit, CEO of TowerWing International. “It reduces wind loading on functioning towers to a level lower than that of an empty tower. This implies that the wind load on currently overloaded towers is immediately reduced to acceptable levels and no structural upgrades to the tower are required. This also prolongs the life of antennas and equipment, as they are protected from exposure to environmental conditions.”

Du Toit is a former executive with a background in multi-disciplinary engineering and technology, environment, and with global experience in the defense, ICT, multimedia, and fast-moving consumer goods industries.

Co-founder Hennie Kieser is an entrepreneur, marketer, analyst, and designer with more than 30 years’ experience in the defence, leisure, logistics, mining, food and beverage and robotics and unmanned aircraft systems industries.

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